Tips to Help a Computer Recover from Ransomware

With all types of nasty malware out there encrypting victim’s files and then not unlocking them unless the owner pays up, ransomware can be a serious source of frustration. However, not all ransomware is so challenging to deal with. In many cases, a person can remove ransomware viruses without losing all their information and files. Some tips that will help a business recover from ransomware can be found here.


The most basic and easiest to handle type of ransomware, which is called scareware, uses a bogus antivirus or clean-up tools to claim that all types of issues have been found. Then the software demands payment to fix the problems. There are some specimens of this type that allow a person to use the PC but bombard the device with all types of pop-ups and alerts, while others prevent all types of programs. In most cases, these invaders are easy to fix when a professional is called.

Lock Screen Viruses

A lock screen virus won’t allow a person to use their computer at all. They put up a full-size window after the computer starts, usually featuring a Department of Justice or FBI logo. These screens will state that the user has violated the law in some way and that they have to pay a fine.

Removing the Ransomware

Before a person is able to free their PC, they have to eliminate the virus that has taken it hostage. For the simplest type of ransomware, it can be removed by entering the computers safe mode and then running a virus scanner. If the ransomware prevents this, then a System Restore command can be used to roll the program back in time. If all those efforts fail, then it may be time to call in the professionals. They can help ensure the issue is found and fixed before it can wreak any more havoc on the computer.

The good news is, there are ways to overcome ransomware. Getting to know the options available can help someone when they are in need. Keeping this in mind is the best way to ensure a computer continues to run at its full potential.