Enchantment Rinjanimore beauty of Lombok

The charm and beauty of Mount Rinjanibecomes the mainstay of lodging in Sembalun District, East Lombok regency (Lotim), to offer fun vacation concept to the tourists. One of the inns that looks very ready, namely lodging inn and restaurant charm Rinjani, which was built in LendangLuar, Sembalun Village, and District Sembalun. Other more beauty of Lombok in Enchantment Rinjani.

The lodge that stands on a land of about 40 acres presents the concept of natural lodging in the form of bungalows made dominant wood, so matching with natural Sembalun. To be more typical, this newly opened 10 room inn is then called the Inn and Restaurant Charm Rinjani. The rate per night is only 500.000 rupiah for a regular room, with double bed facilities, and 650.000 rupiah for Bale Geleng, is a typical Sembalun building of wooden terraced, so guests who stay warmer, although Sembalun weather is very cold. There will even be a binocular home in Enchantment Rinjani. The goal is for visitors who do not have much time or old and no chance to climb Mount Rinjani. Visitors can see the summit of Mount Rinjani using prepared binoculars. By using prepared binoculars, visitors will be able to see the various activities of the climbers, whether they are in PelembanganSembalun, or even who are climbing to the top of Rinjani (3762 mdpl). This location is the most ideal place in Sembalun to witness the charm of Rinjani.

In this place also, the visitors or guest of the inn can witness the charm of Rinjani in the form of changes Rinjani hue in three phases when exposed to the morning sun. Where Rinjani will change color from orange to yellow, then green, in the duration of about 30 minutes. Because this is the inn is named PesonaRinjani. Because in the morning, guests will be able to see these three charms at once. Not only that, PesonaRinjani also sell (rent) tents at a rate of 250,000 rupiah per night, with mattress for two people, mineral water, towel, hot water and free bonfire. This is an option for guests who do not want to stay in the room. They can choose to stay in the yard by holding a tent, as do the camp on the mountain. So the holiday atmosphere will be very memorable, and of course special, and give surprise that they will not get elsewhere. Many perks if guests stay at this inn. They can also watch the sun rise from the hole of Pergasingan hill, and then sink between Rinjani and Sangkareang. Not only that, the guests can also watch full moon (full moon), even the most strategic place to watch the moment of milkewey. Milkewey is the moment of the emergence of a long star cluster that can be witnessed for 21 days each year. Even this inn became the center of observation of this rare sight for star hunters from Jakarta, a year ago. While during the day, guests are offered a package enjoying the natural scenery of rice fields. With a package price of 25,000 rupiah per person, guests will be guided around to the paddy fields, see the community farming crops, or watch how they move and do the planting match. The guests were also invited to interact and dialogue with the farmers they met. So they can understand how the farmers in cultivating or harvesting their crops.

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