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Importance of Planning in Site Clearance The earth planet human numbers are growing periodically. There is, therefore, the need to have buildings and other shelters to accommodate the growing population. To provide these buildings for various businesses around the globe, responsible parties have to indulge into construction. Underestimating this aspect of construction would lead to dire consequences in terms of demographic crisis. There are several planning processes that precede a construction and need maximum adherence. Site clearance is one of these planning processes. There are several benefits of site clearance for the ultimate success in constructing a building. To begin with, site clearance is vital in ensuring the safety of workers is attained. Everyone else around the construction site is prevented from possible harm from debris and other materials. Proper planning and management during this process is crucial and need implementation at all times. Through proper planning also, it is capable of the relevant stakeholders to measure and estimate the amount of contribution with respect to the debris to be disposed. Precaution measures are therefore thought and crafted way before the actual construction takes off. The team behind the project have a reasonable window to provide solutions to any cases that may arise with regard to contamination.
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The importance of site clearance cannot be underestimated when it comes to ensuring public facilities such as roads are passable. It has been evidenced that improper waste disposal would obscure roads rendering them difficult to use. Procedural and well – structured waste disposal linked to construction will ensure that public amenities such as roads are available to everyone without any distraction. Things such as electricity and sewer systems also have the capability of being maintained in their perfect state if proper site clearance is carried out.
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One of the major planning processes in construction is the site clearance phase. Contractors in their pursuit to undertake the construction will have the time to evaluate all relevant aspects and adhere to each one of them. Proper compliance with the disposal laws and policies would be a benefit to the contracting firm as fines would be averted and time managed properly. Site clearance planning is crucial therefore for any construction planned. Cost is an important aspect in construction as it is a key driver and proper planning would enable the team to properly plan and appropriate funds. It is possible to, therefore, provide a clear estimates of the entire project costs for approval by the client. Working in a cleared site is simplified and this increases productivity of the team. Distractions during the construction process are minimized by properly planning and clearing site. It is important that all stakeholders in the construction sector embrace planning when it comes to site clearance at all stages.

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